Unlike ordinary model resin rear woofer panels, two models of GT-R Spec V released in 2009 and GT-R EGOIST (Egoist) released in 2011 are fitted with dry carbon rear woofer panels.

Unlike other genuine parts, purchasing at dealers and Nissan Division sales is a very rare part that is required to present Spec V and EGOIST car verification.

Also, the list price is about 520,000 yen and it is a very expensive item.

Although the fitting year of parts is MY 11 ~ MY 14, it is possible to install on all GTRs from MY 07 to MY 17!

We sell a limited amount of rear woofer panel made of carbon full of luxury to the interior of R35.

* Images attached to GT-R NISMO

* DIY is also possible because the bolt on only removes and replaces the resin panel.

* genuine name: Rear seat back finisher

GT-R Nissan genuine Parts carbon rear woofer panel

  • Brand: Nissan
  • Product Code: 79922-KC10B
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥520,000

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