• Nissan GT-R Eibach Pro-Kit Down Sus Kit

It is a lowdown spring set for Nissan GT - R (R35). Both the front and rear can reduce the car height by about 10 - 15 mm, it is perfect for everyday use, the behavior of the car can be more solid, and the looks can be improved.

Proper grip evolves driving performance, and springs evolve.

Have there been any springs that made the car's running performance so far and styling look more elegant? Eyebach Pro Kit Spring brings in a word a talented person.

The product concept of pro kit spring is "spring to grip".

In order to keep the behavior constantly uncontrollable, we focus on keeping strict control of roll angle and pitching, avoiding more rate increase than necessary.

For optimum position, Prokit is actually measuring the stroke, suspension shape, center of gravity, etc. of different shock absorbers according to each car, designed by experts in car body engineering and calculates the wheel travel for each type of car.

As a result, the car height is regarded as the dynamic best point of about 30 mm down.

This setting minimizes shrinkage during acceleration, body control at the corner, and achieves the best balance without compromising safety.

Furthermore, it is manufactured from a carefully selected silicon type high tension steel material by our own Eibach cold forming, so it has physical characteristics that preserve the desired performance for a long time.

Ibach Prokit Spring, which is supple, yet achieves agile driving, will bring out the full potential of the tire and will be able to enjoy the cruising which will satisfy those who love all cars.

Nissan GT-R Eibach Pro-Kit Down Sus Kit

  • Brand: Eibach
  • Product Code: EB-6389.140
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  • ¥35,800

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