Delivery Information

Regarding delivery

We will deliver it by designated shipping trader of each maker of goods.

* Delivery trader · Delivery date can not be specified. If you purchase two or more items, the delivery may be divided into two.

Shipping fee will be charged the prescribed price according to packing size and weight of the item.

Tires / wheels, other products with particularly heavy weight and size, there may be additional fee set separately.

Even if two or more items of purchase, delivery becomes 1 packing, shipping costs will be charged for each item.

When two or more items of different manufacturers are ordered at the same time, the product will be delivered directly from each manufacturer, so it will be delivered over 2 packages.

However, this item is not applicable for items of free shipping service.

● When ordering multiple items from the same manufacturer at the same time (shipping fee is required for the number of orders)

· Manufacturer A: a product (XX yen) + b item (XX yen) + shipping cost (1,000 yen × 2) In the case of the above example (example), it will be delivered by parcel delivery 1 mouth, but the customer shipping fee is 2,000 yen is.

● When ordering products from multiple manufacturers at the same time (shipping fee for multiple shops is required)

· Manufacturer A: Product fee (XX yen) + shipping cost (1,000 yen) 【Total settlement amount 1 on the left】

· Manufacturer B: Product fee (XX yen) + shipping fee (1,000 yen) 【Total settlement amount 2 on the left】

In the case of the above (example), two courier will be the mouth. Because the shipment of the item becomes individual correspondence, if you can specify the desired delivery date / time zone, you will arrive at the same time, but if you do not specify it may arrive separately.

About delivery date

■ Made-to-order products

Some items are made to order, so it may take from 2 weeks to 1 month from order completion to shipping.

For items requiring delivery due to order production, please inquire in advance or contact the delivery date upon receipt of order.

■ Other normal items

It is scheduled to ship in 2 to 3 business days, but it may take 1 week, depending on the circumstances that there are items to be sent directly from the factory or via our company.

Also, depending on the type of product / manufacturer stock status, it may take days to ship, so if you can not usually ship, we will contact you separately on the expected shipping date.

About return

As a rule we can not accept returned goods due to customer's convenience due to the nature of the products such as direct manufacturer manufacturers. be careful.

Only returned items / exchanges will be accepted for items that have not been received within 24 hours after the item arrives. The shipping fee and refund fee at the time of refund of merchandise due to customer's convenience will be borne by the customer.